Cosmetic Dentists - Dr. Michael Shane & Jeffery Hammond 

The smile can be a major source of affirmation for individuals, supplying both a good-looking appearance and a great sense of confidence. At Wind River Dental Care in Lander, WY, Dr. Michael Shane, and Dr. Jeffery Hammond provide patients with comprehensive cosmetic and restorative care to repair dental health and highlight the natural beauty in each patient’s smile.

Reliable Restorative Dentistry in Fremont County

With decades of experience repairing and replacing teeth, Dr. Shane understands cosmetic appeal and dental health go hand in hand. Along with Dr. Hammond, the team at Wind River Dental Care strive to restore dentition prior to administering cosmetic enhances to ensure patients receive long-lasting improvements.

Comprehensive treatment plans will address any signs of tooth decay, malocclusion, gingivitis/gum disease, and damaged or missing teeth to bolster the structural integrity, and function of patients’ smiles. We utilize the latest dental technology to broaden the range of treatments we offer to our patients and improve the efficiency of our services.

Same-Day Crowns with CEREC

State-of-the-art dentistry has not only allowed our dentist to improve the quality of our dental work, it has also given us the ability to dramatically shorten the time it takes to complete restoration procedures. Using the cutting-edge CEREC machine, we can supply our patients with same-day dental crowns while you wait. We’ve cut out the middle man and brought the laboratory into our office.

Other cosmetic services offered at our practice include:

Bonding used to repair cracked or damaged teeth as well as protect exposed tooth roots that could contribute to tooth sensitivity.

White fillings, which fill cavities and bolster the internal structure of a tooth using a strong, tooth-colored material.

Bridges, use healthy surrounding teeth to replace a missing tooth or a series of teeth in order to create a uniform appearance.

Veneers, thin porcelain sheets affixed to teeth to cover up cosmetic problems such as deep stains, unwanted gaps and uneven teeth resulting in a uniform smile.

Teeth Whitening can whiten teeth several shades brighter using either an in-office or take-home option.

Additionally, patients suffering from severely compromised dentition can receive full-mouth rehabilitation with a combination of dentures and dental implants. Pairing these two restorations together allows patients to completely restore the appearance and function of their bite.

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Dr. Shane and Dr. Hammond use cutting-edge dental technology to give patients the best science and artistry has to offer the dental field.

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