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Since 1993, Dr. Michael Shane and his staff have provided patients in Fremont County with smiles they can be proud of. With the array of services and cutting-edge dental equipment available at our practice, we are equipped to effectively manage the preventive and restorative needs of our patients. At Wind River Dental Care, our goal is to supply comprehensive dental care, catered to the wellness goals of patients in Lander.

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With over 42 years of experience, Dr.  Shane brings a wealth of knowledge to his dental practice. Together with Dr. Jeffery Hammond, they have modernized their office and treatment methods to give patients the optimal benefits of contemporary dental science. Our office is set up with the latest equipment to allow our Lander dentists to improve upon a multitude of procedures, from routine cleanings and diagnostic exams to wisdom teeth extractions and dental implants.

To assist Drs. Shane and Hammond in providing convenient services for their patients, our office utilizes the CEREC machine, state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to produce same-day dental restorations. With the use of intraoral cameras, our dentists can obtain real-time oral conditions, allowing them greater insight that they can share with their patients along with accurate guidance for procedures.

Providing Reliable Services to Patients in Fremont County

Drs. Shane and Hammond take a proactive approach to alleviating pain caused by dental complications. Using comprehensive methods that target the source of patients’ concerns, we address the discomfort associated caused by decay, TMD, orofacial-related conditions, and gum disease. We do everything we can to restore our patients’ dental health and function as well as make recommendations to correct habits that can lead to future orofacial-related issues.

We strive to alleviate any anxiety or discomfort our patients may have, conducting each procedure with equal concern for efficiency and compassion. At Wind River Dental Care, we want each patient to leave with a good experience, having received comfortable and complete dental care.

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Drs. Shane and Hammond believe building and maintaining a close relationship with their patients plays a key role in helping them achieve proper dental hygiene.

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